It's as simple as this...

I'm a proud New Orleans lady with a passion for creative expression and sharing my culture with those who enjoy good food and art. I LOVE TO COOK and I delight in seeing people indulge in the food I create from my heart.  They say you can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you can never take New Orleans out of the girl. Das' some truth, yeah!

I created the New Orleans Creole Story Pot  with the intent to foster fun, engaging, communal, authentic, interactive, informative full-sensory cultural experiences. (Whew, that enough descriptors for ya?) Let me bring a delicious slice of New Orleans to you! Creole cooking instruction, gourmet dining, and events that showcase creole culture and history...that's what we do! New Orleans Creole Story Pot is for the curious foodie who wants to understand the origin of their favorite Creole dish. It's for those who've been to New Orleans and fell in love with her charm and character; those who've never been, but have always wanted to visit; Or possibly those who are just crazy about that good New Orleans food, but can't seem to find its authentic flavor elsewhere--we've got YOU!

We bring the flavor of Creole New Orleans to your home, kitchen, function, or special event and in true fashion invite you to join the festivities!! Traditional gourmet cuisine with a twist. Along the way you'll discover the culture, history, and people that make the Cresent City so special. So grab an apron, turn up the music and let's have a good time!!