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Living Creole Series: Storytelling, Folktales & Food 
Join us for this uniquely New Orleans Creole cultural experience and let us entertain you with fascinating insights into Creole life in times past and present while you enjoy an intimate tasting of traditional Creole cuisine by candlelight.

This unique, authentic and entertaining series of storytelling offers a memorable experience, from a native perspective, into colorful life in the city of New Orleans. Our guests are enchanted by true stories from the sugar cane fields of Louisiana's rural German Coast river parishes to the action packed hustle of Uptown New Orleans. Culinary Storyteller Shawanda Marie generously shares tales from her own family to help audiences gain fascinating insights into the history of Creole New Orleans through the lens of a featured traditional culinary delight.  The culture of a people and their food are inseparable, merely expressions of one another! 

Take your imagination back in time as you listen to rich Louisiana folktales and songs in the language our ancestors shared as they gathered beneath ancient Spanish moss draped trees along the muddy Mississippi river. You will leave this unique event with a deeper understanding of New Orleans Creole culture, cuisine history and the multifaceted tapestry of South Louisiana's people, of all hues, who have lived a complete Creole existence for the past 300 years. 

Series Highlights

Each presentation is unique based on the featured dish of the evening. Shawanda Marie encourages audience participation and interacts with them during the event, so leave your shy bones at home. New Orleans culture is all about festive fun and spontaneity. Once you've entered the event and take your seat, you're in New Orleans, baby!   A few series highlights...

  • What is Creole and what is Cajun?
  • How did early African, Amerindian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish people influence the flavor of  Creole culture and cuisine? 
  • Explore Creole traditions, practices and ways of life.
  • Hear authentic Louisiana Creole language and learn of its exciting revival from endangered status.
  • Discover the one dish that Louisiana folks are EXTREMELY passionate about and will discuss for hours!

Enjoy live traditional Creole folk songs and New Orleans classics while sampling its world renown, mouthwatering cuisine. This is sure to be an event you won't forget! Bring friends...the more the merrier! Contact us to reserve your seat at our next live event! You may also book Shawanda Marie to present this exciting and entertaining educational series at your school, university or private event.  Let's be creative!

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